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  • Act as the liason between parents, coaches and the Board of Directors.
  • Assist the Coach with administrative, supervision and other duties as requested.
  • Manintain and distribute a team contact list (players, parents, coaches e-mails & phone numbers).
  • Provide directions to rinks for Away games.
  • Coordinate merchandise orders (if available).
  • Organize workers for home games (running of the clock, scorekeeper and penalty boxes).
  •  At home games: Ensure scoresheets are properly completed. Prior to the start of the home game, get team rosters from the home and away team, coaches signatures and coaching card numbers for all coaches who will be sitting on the bench. After the game get the referees signatures and distribute copies of the score sheet (1 to the home coach and 1 copy to the away coach).

For House (Snowbelt) teams: the game scores must be reported by 5 pm Monday night.  

You may visit the Snowbelt website at

For Travel teams: Keep a copy of each Q game scoresheet. These will need to be submitted to Gary LeBrun after each game. (This is very important as scoresheets are reviewed very thoroughly by the tournament officials).

At away games: You should be prepared to provide your team's roster to the host team and then receive a copy of the completed scoresheet at the end of the game.

After games: You should send your game results to the Citizen by 5 pm on Monday. You may fill out a game result sheet and drop it in the mailbox outside the Citizen. Please make sure that you include the teams sponsor in your submission, as well as your name and phone number in case they have questions. If there is not a name and number then they WON'T run the information.

  • Show that you support your team by attending as many practices as possible. You really know what's happening with your team by being there.
  • Be a good role model and ambassador of good sportsmanship. Smile